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African Violet 4"

African Violet 4"


  • African Violets like to be in a place with good bright, indirect light. 
  • Try to avoid anyplace that has direct sunlight.
  • Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves.


  • You know when you need to water your plant if the top inch of the plant is dry whenever you touch it. 
  • Use room temperature water whenever watering.
  • Make sure to empty any of the excess water from the saucer after 30 minutes of watering.
  • You are able to bottom water it.


  • They like to be kept warmer during the day and cooler during the night.
  • Like being in humidity 


  • Try to avoid sudden temperature changes.

Care Instructions

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Each plant is unique; size, coloring, and shape fluctuate so your plant may be slightly different than the one pictured. However, you'll always receive a happy healthy plant hand-picked, and I won't give customers anything I wouldn't take home myself!

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