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String of Turtles 4”

String of Turtles 4”


  • String of Turtles thrives in bright, indirect light.
  • A bunch of light can cause the plants color to fade away and is also able to scorch the leaves.


  • Water whenever the top 1-2 inches feel dry whenever you touch it.
  • String of turtles prefer to not sit in the water and to dry out between waterings.
  • Don't let any water sit in the bottom of the pot. This can cause root rot and kill the plant.
  • Try and find a pot with drainage holes.


  • String of Turtles enjoy to be in moderate humidity levels. 


  • The String of Turtles is a trailing plant.
  • They look best on a bookshelf or in a hanging basket.
  • Give your plant a few days to warm up to the new environment whenever you first get a String of Turtles.
  • Try not to move it around the first few days so the string of turtles can get acclimated to their new home!

Care Instructions

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Each plant is unique; size, coloring, and shape fluctuate so your plant may be slightly different than the one pictured. However, you'll always receive a happy healthy plant hand-picked, and I won't give customers anything I wouldn't take home myself!

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